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Claim Engine

The AI Powered R&D Copilot is a web-based engine uniquely customised for consultants at tax advisories who raise tax credit claims on behalf of their clients.

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Section Drafting Time
2.5 Hours → 18 Minutes

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Government inquiries reduced

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Consultant productivity gain
€60,000 per employee/annum

This is enabled by leveraging the power of multiple AI large language models to ingest and understand information of all formats from the inventor, from relevant external sources (legislation, regulations, etc.) to information from the firm itself such as guidelines, templates etc.

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  • Features

  • Supports audio or video interviews & text sources

  • Synchronises with latest legislation and regulations

  • Instantly validate the uniqueness of advancements

  • Integrated writing Copilot trained for R&D domain

  • Direct relation to invention documentation and media

  • Outputs tuned to your guidelines, language, structure etc.

  • AI query functionality to interrogate any uploaded files

  • Built to ISO-27001 standards

  • Full client data protection with GDPR

  • Client data never used for AI model training

  • Benefits

  • Apply AI analysis and drafting directly to interviews

  • Compliant with jurisdictional guidelines, i.e BEIS, CRA, etc.

  • Early warning of potential claim rejection and conflicts

  • Accuracy of generated suggestions to the professional

  • Accurately capture and represent the uniqueness

  • Consistency with your existing approach and templates

  • Saves time comprehending all client data

  • Enterprise grade security & data protection for documents

  • Client data never leaves your data boundary

  • Preserve client trust

Customer Testimonials

"Since implementing Kreoh R&D Claim Copilot, claim report generation and processes have been transformed. Not only does it generate high quality reference information for our reports, it also executes with full client data protection, paramount for us .... is a game changer for draft quality and speed of process.

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Steve Morley, Operations Director

Momentum Group

"Innovating with the R&D Tax Credits engine, we've given back more value to our clients while exceeding our top claim KPIs; research validation time, review count and success rate."

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James Campbell, Co Founder and Directer

Walmer Group

"We save around 40% of the time putting together a report for a client particularly in the key initial data gathering phase using the R&D Tax Credits engine"

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Technical Writing, UK Professional Services Firm

80% faster report generation speed. Proven record of reducing report inquiry rates

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