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Kreoh is a trusted AI Agency and Development Lab that provides IS services and bespoke LLM AI solutions for accelerating scaleable value creation in enterprise; optimising business processes and customer experience.

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“It’s great working with the Kreoh team, together we automated large parts of the report-writing involved in risk assessment for banking. Critical, but often not given the attention needed in people’s over-communicated work days"

Johannes Gugl

Founder & Co-CEO, Via Markets

"Partnering with Kreoh resulted in deployment of a ‘first of its kind’ sophisticated international logistics game changer in an efficient seven weeks from initial contact! We’re working on next iterations now."

Colly Murray

CTO, Ddispatch

"In just our first venture into Gen AI we achieved ~45% time savings on typical content research and publication timelines. Kreoh demystified the journey and we’re excited to learn more."

Dr. Darina Coffey

Managing Director, TheTaste

Michelle O'Connor Buggy giving presentation
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“Grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the outstanding team at Kreoh, developing our AI engine proposal” - Full Post on Linkedin

Michelle O'Connor Buggy

Category Buyer @ ESB | Procurement, Engineering & Technical Services

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