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Ai LLM powered farming

AI Strategy Development

Gen AI: Embrace or Postpone? How do we bring in the ROI and bottleneck alleviation possible with recent breakthroughs? We've worked on these topics repeatedly and can collaborate with your AI steering committee to accelerate progress.


Make efficiencies and avoid pitfalls. In the past we've collaborated on solution feasibility research, strategy and the spread of new LLM AI methodologies.

Solution Engineering

Often we've started with a solution stage to outline a Minimum Remarkable Product and evaluate future ROI. Blueprint a solution and evaluate necessity while staying lean.


Workflow Automation

LLM AI Breakthroughs like Coding Copilots have led to 55% increases in coding speed and 10s of millions in monthly revenues for the tool's designers (Source). We've built AI copilots, otherwise known as semi-autonomous agents in new industries. Work with us to help spread the momentum from deep tech to the front lines of industry.

AI Copilots

Visit our Portfolio to review AI copilots in industries like Logistics, Tax all the way to CPD.
We believe custom copilots are the future of 10x productivity.

Enhance Accuracy

Our grounded AI and multiple agent approach reduces both AI hallucination and human error. Outputs feature info references and automated review.

Factory powered by AI LLM
Shield represting AI Security

MLOps & AI Security

At Kreoh, we specialize in MLOps and AI security solutions. Unfortunately hand in hand with Gen AI productivity gains come news sets of threats and challenges.

New Cyber Threats

Protect your AI operations from new attack vectors and establish clean, scalable infrastructure for your MLops.

Unique Data Safety Paradigm

Kreoh's novel data segregation approach means models don't leak data past user's access authority levels.


Bespoke SaaS Solutions

Our bespoke SaaS solutions leverage cutting-edge AI technology to optimize business processes and drive growth. With our expertise in Large Language Model AI, we help enterprise companies save time and money for their teams.


Streamline your operations and boost productivity with our AI-powered SaaS solutions.


Unlock the full potential of your data with our advanced AI data mining systems.

Office created bt AI LLMS
AI generated image of telescope

NLP & Computer Vision

Our cutting-edge Visual Language Model AI solutions, powered by Multi Modality and Computer Vision, revolutionize how businesses operate. Previosly impossible solutions are now available to 10x productivity and quality.


Streamline your operations with our advanced AI-powered NLP and Computer Vision solutions.


Track quality like never before with recent breakthroughs in Visual Language Modals.

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