AI Engine enabling the drafting of accurate IP related documents

UK and European IP Law Firm


We addressed a significant operational challenge of the company: The manual and time consuming process of writing certain IP reports which was limiting the client’s ability to scale and respond to market opportunities. The joint effort produced a customised AI Engine, a large language model-powered solution designed to simplify and enhance the drafting of certain IP reports. 

Key Components:
  • The Engine uses client provided documentation and the client’s internal style and output guidelines to provide “first drafts” for key sections of the use case report. It was designed for use with a skilled human who is in the loop with high accuracy in mind.
  • Multi-Feature System: The platform encompasses a suite of features including section drafting, data room querying, knowledge base access, report reviewing and transcription management. Each feature is designed to address specific aspects of the IP audit report writing process.
  • The Engine provides a “score” based on data provided by the client and the clients relevant guidelines.