R&D Tax Credit Reports Engine

Multiple Irish and UK consultancy firms

Demo Video

Summary & Background:

AI powered Word plugin & Browser Document Editor workflow for R&D Tax Credits Reports​.

Head of Technical Writing at UK Professional Services Company - 

“We save around 40% of the time putting together a report for a client particularly in the key initial data gathering phase using the R&D engine”.

The R&D Credits Engine is an expanding set of cooperating AI models currently enhancing data distillation, research thoroughness, report drafting and claim validation. 

The AI copilots are on boarded or ‘grounded’  with your processes, knowledge and guidelines to make them effective in your workflow as opposed to ‘ungrounded’ copilots where this data needs to be hand fed to the AI. 

A high level overview: 

Technical writers work with AI copilots within Word or our custom editor to accelerate, enhance and verify their work. 

  1. First the client files and optional interview audio/videos are added to a secure AI copilot legible data room in the report editor.

  1. Next AI copilots distill, and extract insights from the inputs. These can then be interrogated by the user. Either in the form of outputted reports or via a chat interface where questions and tasks can be actioned on the data room. 

  1. Finally the R&D drafting copilot helps draft key report sections and verify R&D claims.