Automating Import Declarations and More

"Partnering with Kreoh resulted in deployment of a ‘first of it’s kind’ sophisticated international logistics game changer in an efficient seven weeks from initial contact! We’re working on next iterations now."

Colly Murray, CTO, DDispatch


In Iteration 1 an LLM AI Logistics Evaluation Engine was deployed for EU & UK centered import/export. The engine took in user invoices, digitalising and ordering them before matching them to corresponding declerations & taric codes. This reduced the work involved for Commodity brokers in resolving import/export declarations by north of ~80%.

Key Components: 

  • Created a state of the art LLM powered invoice OCR system
  • Created an LLM chain to match any of >25,000 TARIC codes to import/export line items
  • All systems automatically draw from the latest EU/UK regulations so TARIC code completions are always up to date
  • LLM chain is constantly adjusted based on output accuracy score