Garry Tiscovschi

Founder and

Managing Director

Garry is a specialist in LLM AI engineering as recognized in the Business Post 30 under 30. Previously Garry worked in freelance AI engineering and on overseeing a merger for Fokus Sprachen und Seminare, an established education company in Germany. Garry studied Management Sci & Info Systems at Trinity College, rowing competitively then with DUBC where he met Kreoh co-founders. 

Typically a strong believer in diversion free deepwork, Garry can be easily distracted with conversation on Process & Knowledge optimization, AI papers, Async Comms, Theory of Constraints and Stakeholder First Development. 

In his spare time Garry coaches students at Dogpatch Labs with Coder Dojo and at Regional Coding Clubs with Fareed Idris.