Fareed Idris

Founder and

Head of Technology

Fareed is a dedicated technologist who steers technical strategy at Kreoh and has been recognised as one of best up-and-coming engineers, founders in Irish tech in Business Post's 30 Under 30 list.

From an early age, his passion for technology led him to create an Android tool at 16, which was used by over 20,000 users globally. While studying for his MSc in Computer Science at University College Dublin, Fareed developed a computer science educational platform for UCD. This was subsequently deployed at University of Limerick resulting in over 6000 code changes and code reviews being processed by the platform by hundreds of students at both institutions.

Most recently, Fareed contributed in transitioning Indeed's infrastructure to AWS as a Site Reliability Engineer.

In his downtime, Fareed is currently hacking away at building a personal home assistant with LLM technology akin to Iron Man's 'Jarvis' and leads a regional coding club.