Operations Manager


Kreoh are hiring an Operations Manager (OM) to optimize operational processes. At the end of a work week a successful OM should be able to say “I’ve made everybody else on this team [XXX] % more efficient”. In handling of Kreoh’s process and people requirements your operations activities should have a highly leveraged impact on Kreoh’s ability to have a positive contribution. 

You will work closely with the executive team, collaborating on a wide variety of tasks.

Key Areas: 

  1. Execution of direct business development actions:
  • Contribution to modification and review of deals made between Kreoh and other bodies. 
  • Review and management of best practices and related paperwork. E.g. maintenance of the the correct deal records. 

  1. Continuous study of internal processes with a mind to apply Kaizen principles to Kreoh:
  • E.g. are communication strategies optimal. Are asynchronous comms implemented correctly? 
  • E.g. discovering a low ROI activity costing the organisation large amounts of velocity or money. 
  • Are stakeholder interests represented?

  1. Organisation of supply, procurement and transport:
  • E.g. the choosing and purchase of food, office supplies, team benefits, off sites, etc.
  • Kreoh works with international customers and provides optional travel to team members. This is organised by the company.
  • Assistance in the management of related financial records. 

  1. Community Improvement:
  • The organisation of company events. In the past Kreoh has contributed to events with other groups including cross company hackathons, panels, etc.
  • Supervision of social media presence. 
  • Review of stakeholder alignment and ecosystem culture.
  • Contribution to the organisation of group training and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

  1. Ownership of Knowledge and Action Management systems:
  • Kreoh utilises software systems to optimize its internal processes which contributes to its above bar delivery speed. These systems including workflow Kanban tracking, CRMs and PeopleOps automation systems thatneed to be collaboratively overseen.


  • Demonstrable proficiency in above categories. This can be from work experience, personal projects and involvement in other groups, and organisations. 
  • An open mind to learning on the job. 
  • [ Preferred ] Academic Achievement - Diploma, Acknowledgements, etc
  • [ Preferred ] Extra Curricular Achievements. - E.g. Experience starting or running an organisation.

Why Kreoh:

Kreoh is bringing the prosperity gains of LLM AI to thousands of teams and millions of users. AI should be used to save time for people to do what’s meaningful instead of distract us.

  • Join a group driven by agency, momentum and impact.
  • Top of market cash and equity compensation.
  • Health benefits including medical, dental, vision and gym/sports. 
  • Continuous training, free lunch, dinner, healthy snacks and off-sites.
  • Be 50x more efficient than the rest‍ 🚀

Work with us to build the future of LLM AI and redefine professional productivity. 

Send your CV to innovate@kreoh.com . Cover letter not required.